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Our Story

Philip Pullman said that "after nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world."
Any person breathing knows this to be true. From telling stories around the fire, to the invention of the printing press, to binge-watching Netflix, our culture has always revolved around stories.

Story telling is Healing to the Soul of a Child

Stories have an enormous and irreplaceable value in the life of a child.
They educate, support and liberate the emotions of children. They provide a unique way for children to come to terms with the dilemmas of their inner lives.

The prince, the tailor, the miller, snow white – all of these are images of different elements of our own nature. It is this resonance which endears these figures to us. There is a wisdom in these characters which runs much deeper than any allegory or analysis.

It is through stories that we define our world and discover our place in it. Stories help us understand the world we live in, teach us about where we came from, and help us see possible futures.
Stories are our education and our escape. They lull us to sleep and inspire us to action! Indeed, it is through the stories we tell each other that we literally create the world as a reflection of who we are.

And thus this is how The Little Owl was born....