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Convertible Fire Engine

Convertible Fire Engine

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Convertible Fire Engine is the ultimate large playmat for kids aged 3-6 years to learn, play and pretend to be a firefighter!

Convertible Fire Station can be used as a story book, large play mat and can be transformed into  a sit-in fire brigade toy.

Read the short story about a fire engine  on a exciting journey to help put out a fire and all the obstacles along the way.

Fold out the book into a play mat, designed as a village, and your child can follow the fire engine and interact with the story, using their own toys.

Finally, your child can pretend to be a fire fighter using the sit-in toy with a steering wheel!

Author: Amy Johnson
Illustrator: Simon Abbott
Panels: 7
Age: +3
Size: 345 x 345 mm when folded
Format: Board
ISBN: 9781789891997